Provision of loans for cattle breeding development

Provision of loans for cattle breeding development within Interest rate subsidy program.

Loans provided within the 2019-2024 Program of subsidization of interest rate of loans aimed to develop catlle-breeding in the Republic of Armenia



Each Borrower may obtain a maximum of 300 head of cattle per year  and the balance of Loans to a single Borrower can not exceed AMD 300 million


 Interest rate: As a result of state subsidies

For border settlements

Agricultural Cooperatives

For the rest of the communities in the Republic of Armenia Nominal interest rate 2%

Actual interest rate 2.02% under the following conditions


Provision of the loan

This loan is provided to individual entrepreneurs and legal entities engaged in agricultural activities.

Repayment period:

Loan term is up to 5 years

Credit currency:


Loan repayment procedure
A grace period of up to 12 months may be set for the principal amount of the loan at the beginning of the first loan year. (During the grace period the client only pays interest of the loan).

The subsidization of interest rate is stopped, if: 

  • there are overdue liabilities to the loan for more than 60 days cumulatively in one year period (last 12 months) or, because of overdue liabilities the loan is not classified in standard class .
  • as a result of monitoring there is a violation of the terms of the Program.
  • In case of improper use of the loan

Money  paid to Armenian Development and Investment Corporation of Armenian for lending

The corporation does not set any other fees for services.

Possible early repayment terms and conditions:

There are no fines or penalties for early repayment of the loan


Other lending terms are common to all types of loans that you can find at the following link.



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