Provision of loans for sheep and goat breeding

Loans provided within the framework of the sheep and goat breeding
development program in the Republic of Armenia for 2019-2023




Legal entities, private entrepreneurs.


Loan purpose

Acquisition of pedigree small cattle (pregnant sheep-goat, male and female pedigree offspring)


Loan currency




In the framework of the program will be subsidized

  • the amount paid by each beneficiary, actually paid for one head of a small cattle purchased
    at a price of up to AMD 450 thousand (excluding transportation costs),
  • but not more than AMD 900 million per year (maximum 2,000 heads of pedigree small
    cattle, including no more than 100 heads of pedigree male offspring (sheep and goats).


Interest rate as a result of state subsidies


  • for border settlements,
  • for agricultural cooperatives.

2% – for the rest of the communities in the Republic of Armenia



Loan term is set up to 4 years.


Grace period
A grace period of up to 12 months may be set for the principal amount of the loan (during the grace period the
client only pays interest of the loan).


Amounts payable to the Development and Investment Corporation of Armenia for the provision of a loan

The corporation does not set any other fees for services.


Possible early repayment terms and conditions

There are no fines or penalties for early repayment of the loan.


The subsidization of interest rate is stopped, if: 

  • there are overdue liabilities to the loan for more than 60 days cumulatively in one year period (last 12 months)
    or, because of overdue liabilities to the Corporation, according to objective criteria, the loan is not classified as
    a standard under current loan classification,
  • as a result of the monitoring, a violation of the terms and requirements of this program is revealed,
  • in case of misuse of the loan by the borrower and the provision of false information.


You can get acquainted with the details of the program at the following link.


Useful information

  • In case of necessity to change significant conditions (interest rate, commission, penalty, term, volume of liability)
    which will increase the liability of the guarantor or cause other adverse consequences, the guarantor shall be
    notified in advance (7 days before the change). the mentioned change is made in accordance with the procedure
    pre-selected by the guarantor, and in case of the latter’s consent, the mentioned change is made.
  • The customer has the right to communicate by mail or e-mail.


Other lending terms are common to all types of loans you can find at the following link.


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