Production capacity modernization measure (loan, leasing)

Production capacity modernization measure




An Armenian resident private commercial organization or a private entrepreneur whose activities are actually
carried out on the territory of the Republic of Armenia or Nagorno Karabakh, which;

  • has a good credit history
  • has a good tax history.


Purpose of the loan / lease

Purchase or import of new (unused) equipment, components, provided that the contract between the buyer and
the supplier was signed after February 1, 2021, and the given devices and equipment must be used for the purpose
of organizing or expanding production in the Republic of Armenia.


Areas of activity

  • production
  • mining and quarrying
    (except for mining of metal ores)
  • information and communication
  • construction
  • transport and warehousing
  • professional, scientific and technical activities
  • education
  • public health and social services


Loan currency



Maximum amount of the subsidized part of the loan / lease

1 billion drams


Interest rate as a result of state subsidy

  • Lease: 3%
  • Loan: 5%


Subsidy period

  • for an amount equivalent up to AMD 200 million, up to 42 months,
  • For an amount equivalent to more than AMD 200 million, up to 36 months.



The loan term is set up to 10 years.


Grace period

A grace period of up to 6 months can be set for the loan (during the grace period, the client pays only interest
amounts accrued on the loan).


Possible early repayment terms and conditions

There are no fines or penalties for early repayment of the loan.


Useful information

  • In case of necessity to change significant conditions (interest rate, commission, penalty, term, volume of liability)
    which will increase the liability of the guarantor or cause other adverse consequences, the guarantor shall be
    notified in advance (7 days before the change). the mentioned change is made in accordance with the procedure
    pre-selected by the guarantor, and in case of the latter’s consent, the mentioned change is made.
  • The customer has the right to communicate by mail or e-mail.


Other lending terms are common to all types of loans that you can find at the following link.

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