ECO leasing

The leasing is provided under the « Energy Efficiency for SMEs» project, funded by KfW Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany.


The purpose of the product is to provide energy-saving investments for the companies as a result of financing.

Target Groups

The leasing is provided to resident legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, active in the following areas: industry, agriculture, tourism, information technology, construction, services, as well as individuals engaged in agriculture.

The purpose of leasing

As a result of leasing, should be increased the efficiency of energy use. In particular, the following capital assets may be provided through the leasing:

  • energy-saving equipment and systems;
  • solar water heaters (both for hot water and for heating) and solar photovoltaic panels;
  • resource-saving and less polluting agricultural machinery, construction equipment, vehicles (including electric cars, hybrid cars, gas engines);
  • biogas equipment (from organic residues);
  • other energy efficient fixed assets.

Conditions for granting

Currency Dram RA
Maximum loan amount 1 billion
Leasing interest rate



Nominal interest rate starting from 9%

Actual interest rate 9.38% on the following conditions


Prepayment At least 20% of the subject value of the leasing


Repayment procedure

Repayment period – up to 60 months

Security of leasing

Guarantee of legal entities and/or individuals

Other leasing conditions are common for all types of leasing, which you can find at the following link

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