Development and Investments Corporation of Armenia provides guarantees to RA resident
commercial legal entities and individual enterprisers.


Types of guarantees

  • Guarantee for taking part in competition
  • Guarantee of prepayment provision
  • Guarantee of execution of contract
  • Guarantee of quality
  • Guarantee of export


The amount of service payment of guarantees being provided by Development and Investments
Corporation of Armenia is stipulated within 0.3-2% (from zero point three to two percent), but it can’t
be less than 10,000 (ten thousand) AMD. The guarantee can be provided for a period of 3 (three) years.


Useful information

  • In case of necessity to change significant conditions (interest rate, commission, penalty, term,
    volume of liability) which will increase the liability of the guarantor or cause other adverse
    consequences, the guarantor shall be notified in advance (7 days before the change). the mentioned
    change is made in accordance with the procedure pre-selected by the guarantor, and in case of the
    latter’s consent, the mentioned change is made.
  • The customer has the right to communicate by mail or e-mail.


Required documents

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