The List of Necessary Information and Documents Required From Local Self-governments / Communities / for Considering the Lease Application of Agricultural Machinery


  1. Lease Application /See attached/
  2. A note from the supplier of agricultural machinery on the intention to sell movable property,
  3. The decision of the Council of Elders to lease the agricultural machinery, /See attached/
  4. The agreement of the competent state body to lease the agricultural machinery,
  5. The agreement of the head of the community for the implementation of credit history inquiries from “ACRA Credit Reporting” CJSC, /See attached/
  6. Community Charter with its amendments /copy/,
  7. Certificate issued by the State Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia with its inserts /if available/,
  8. Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities of the RA Ministry of Justice about the Community,
  9. Community leader‘s copy of the passport, a copy of the social card /if available/, and also identification card for reading /if available/,

10.   Copies of documents on annual inventory of community property,

  1.  Copy of the report on the community’s land balance,

12.  A copy of the community budget for the current year, approved by the Authorized Body,

13.  Copies of the Community Budget Performance Reports for the previous and current years approved by the Authorized Body,

14.  Copies of repayment schedules of current loan and pledge contracts, /if available/,

15.  In case of purchase of a tractor or a combine in the leasing-tractor driver’s or a tractor driver’s  ID card for reading /if available/, a copy of the passport, the social card /if available/ a tractor driver’s or combine driver’s license as well as agreement on exploitation of the equipment, given by the latter, if  the beneficiary will not operate machinery, /See attached/


     Other additional documents, the need for which is determined by the specialist who is carrying out the analysis of the case, with the consent of the head of the department.

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