Loans for the creation of intensive fruit, berry orchards and vineyards


Legal entities, private entrepreneurs and individuals, agricultural cooperatives and
communities (communities only in case of construction or expansion of pools not
included in the subvention program).


Purpose of the loan

Planting vineyards, intensive fruit, berry orchards – 0.5-200 ha (for each fruit species).

Within the framework of the project, for the purpose of gardening an acquisition of
land in the amount of garden area is allowed, if the maximum cost limits set by the
program are not exceeded.

The precondition for participation in the project with the park-based component is the
contract concluded between the beneficiary and a consulting service provider  for the next
3 years during the park-building period and submitted to the Ministry of Economy (or) the
Corporation. In addition, the beneficiary is required to maintain a register for the next 3
years following the establishment of the park, which records information on the work
performed by the beneficiary as proposed by the consultant.

Prior to receiving the loan, the beneficiary must submit a copy of the agrochemical laboratory
test report (up to 6 months old) as well as information approved by the head of the community
(administrative district) on the crops grown in the area during three years preceding the
establishment of the garden to the Corporation and the Ministry of Economy.


Loan currency



Maximum loan amount per 1 ha

  • intensive garden – stone fruits, dry subtropics – 30.3 million drams,
    with a hail protection network – 40.5 million drams,
  • intensive garden – Juglandaceae – 12.6 million drams,
    with a hail protection network – 24.7 million drams,
  • vineyard – 18.5 million drams,
    with a hail protection network – 21.3 million drams (in the case of table grapes – 27.9 million drams),
  • berry garden – 19.3 million drams,
    with a hail protection network – 29.4 million drams.


Interest rate as a result of state subsidies


  • for border settlements,
  • for agricultural cooperatives,
  • citizens who become disabled as a result of military duty or military service,
  • for youngsters engaged in agriculture (individuals under 18-35 years old),
  • on lands with excess standard water demand.

2% for all other beneficiaries.



The loan term is set at 8 years.


Grace period

A grace period of up to 5 year can be set for the loan (during the grace period, the
client pays only interest amounts accrued on the loan).


Amounts payable to the Development and Investment Corporation of Armenia for lending

The corporation does not set any other fees for services


Possible early repayment terms and conditions

There are no fines or penalties for early repayment of the loan


The subsidization of interest rate is stopped, if: 

  • there are overdue liabilities to the loan for more than 60 days cumulatively in one year period (last 12 months)
    or, because of overdue liabilities to the Corporation, according to objective criteria, the loan is not classified as
    a standard under current loan classification,
  • as a result of the monitoring, a violation of the terms and requirements of this program is revealed,
  • in case of misuse of the loan by the borrower and the provision of false information.


Beneficiaries may not benefit from other state support programs implemented in the field of agriculture for the
implementation of the same works on the same land within the framework of the program.


The loan is provided within the framework of the 2021-2023 state support program for the development
of intensive gardening, introduction of modern technologies of irrigation and promotion of non-traditional
high-value crop production in the Republic of Armenia, the details of which can be found at the following link.


Useful information

  • In case of necessity to change significant conditions (interest rate, commission, penalty, term, volume of liability)
    which will increase the liability of the guarantor or cause other adverse consequences, the guarantor shall be
    notified in advance (7 days before the change). the mentioned change is made in accordance with the procedure
    pre-selected by the guarantor, and in case of the latter’s consent, the mentioned change is made.
  • The customer has the right to communicate by mail or e-mail.


Other lending terms are common to all types of loans that you can find at the following link.

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